How much money is laser tattoo removal?

How Much Are Laser Tattoo Removal Prices?

With great enthusiasm, you can get bored for a while after the tattoo you have made on your body. In general, it is seen that people get bored with tattoos as their tastes change over time. In this case, you can get rid of tattoos in line with laser tattoo removal prices. Laser tattoo removal You can get rid of your tattoo with a great rate. Before doing this process, you should make sure that you are determined to erase. Because the more processes on the skin, the more the skin is worn and its appearance changes. For a healthier skin, you should think and decide very well both while getting tattooed and removing tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal is completed in multiple sessions depending on the size and location of the tattoo. The smaller your tattoo, the quicker you can remove it. Laser removal of a tattoo, which is on average one color and medium size, is performed between 1 and 4 sessions. The success rates are between 80% and 90%. Each session interval is between 3 and 4 weeks. As it is understood from here, tattoo removal process is a very demanding application. Laser application time of laser tattoo removal varies according to tattoo. The tattoo, which is approximately the size of a matchbox, is applied with a 20 minute laser per session. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, maximum laser application is 30 minutes. It is very important for your skin that this period is not exceeded. Laser tattoo removal prices changes according to the fee of the treatment and the size of the tattoo.

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Laser tattoo removal prices the larger your tattoo, the more price it will have. On average, for laser removal of a medium-sized tattoo, the amount is between 500TL and 600TL per session. The more the number of sessions increases, the higher the fee will increase. We said that the removal of a medium size tattoo takes 1 to 4 sessions. From here, you can remove a medium-sized single-color tattoo with an average price of $ 2,400. After laser tattoo removal, you can return to your daily life immediately. The effects seen on the skin after the procedure are less. Generally, rashes, blistering and gripping are observed. These effects disappear by renewing the skin over time.

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