10 Shocking Medical Technology Statistics for 2015

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The last two years saw huge changes in the healthcare industry with regards to medical technology.

From Meaningful Use and EMR mandates, to the development of new devices, methods, and technology-aided processes, big strides were made in bringing medicine into the next century.

What other important things are happening in the medical technology space?

Read on for the top medical technology statistics, and find out:

1. The entire medical technology industry is now worth some $336.2 billion worldwide. (Source: Statista) Share this!

2. There are more than 6,500 medical device companies in the United States alone. (Source: SelectUSAShare this!

3. The use of advanced imaging technology has more than tripled over the last decade, from just 5% to 17%. (Source: CDCShare this!

4. Hospital EMR systems can be the second most costly medical technology purchased, at up to $80 million each.  The first most costly medical technology purchased by hospitals is a proton beam accelerator, at $100 million. (Source: MIT Technology ReviewShare this!

5. More than 40% of physicians go online during a patient visit, most often using a handheld device. (Source: SpinaBifidaInfoShare this!

6. Fully 94% of physicians use mobile reference apps like Epocrates while working. (Source: SpinaBifidaInfoShare this!

7. The government expects to pay out $27 billion through Meaningful Use to incentivize EMR adoption. (Source: Practice Fusion) Share this!

8. One medical technology patent is filed every 38 minutes in Europe. (Source: Briggs&ButlerShare this!

9. 94% of pharmacies and 53% of office-based physicians use e-prescribing systems. (Source: HealthIT.gov) Share this!

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10. 44% of hospitals use EHR systems that exceed Meaningful Use requirements. (Source: HealthIT.govShare this!

What other medical technology statistics do you think are worth knowing?  Share them, below!