Free Mole Manor Accounts and Passwords

Free Mole Manor Accounts and Passwords

You’re in the right place to find Free Mole Manor accounts and passwords . Mole Manor is a multiplayer online MMO game for kids aged 6-14. There is no specific age or gender restriction in the game. The game offers its players an online platform. Players can decorate their virtual home, walk around the virtual streets, chat with other users, shop, work and play mini games. Mole Manor offers promotional games that are offered for a limited time from time to time. The official version was tested in March 2008 and presented to the public on April 28, 2008, with regular, scheduled maintenance every Friday, except holidays. The mainland version ended in March 2015, the launch of the official Weibo account version of the game was announced on January 18, 2019. Mole Manor was managed by Adobe Flash Player and offers paid services today.

The Game of Mole Manor Game

Mole Manor is a virtual community. It offers its users many functions such as clothes and fashion, interactive games, pet breeding and virtual home decoration. The actors will be in the role of acting. The color of moles can be customized. Players start the game with a garden patch that they can farm and a house ready to decorate. Players can socialize with other players in virtual streets or virtual houses. They can chat. They can visit, send gifts to friends, and go to school. There are also mini games like water fights, hide and seek, theater play and idiom predictions. They can also own Ramus, a type of plant gin, as a pet. Players must feed, clean, watch over Ramus, and sometimes send him to school. Unfortunately, if you don’t pay attention to Ramus, he may die. Players can pay a small fee to upgrade their Ramus to Super Ramus, so they will have a wide variety of privileges in the game. Players may have career options such as tour guides, police or journalists. Players can perform daily tasks. After finishing missions, they will receive their rewards. MoDo play money can be used to buy clothes, home decorations and Ramus food. The resources you have depend on the amount of effort you put into the game. Betting between players is prohibited. There are periodically special holidays, themed parties and featured adventures. Unlike most online games, Mole Manor does not require users to fill out a profile during registration and avoids potential privacy issues. Players must indicate their birthdays and e-mail addresses. The game uses an information filter that prohibits players from entering numbers in the event of information leakage. However, according to an article from Shih Hsin University, players can divide a sentence into sections to avoid censorship. Players may report others to use language or third-party software. As soon as the report is received, the re-use of the reported account will be prohibited. There are also measures to prevent children playing obsessively online games; The website closes automatically at midnight and reopens at 06:00.

Free Mole Manor Accounts and Passwords:

Username: kelly
Password: giovannabinshuelmohammad

Username: katarina
Password: theresawolfandersonjoanne

Username: 18031986
Password: eabrowntrustme

Username: 1212
Password: NWHVUI

Username: road
Password: ROFKTJ

Username: dinner
Password: 9595288

Username: 1977
Password: leonardoboganzxasqw12

Username: 4snz9g
Password: cummeratacierramullerzmytpvh

Username: pride
Password: xcsarbkkv

Username: boyboy
Password: TLECPP

Username: gladiator
Password: DFZQKI

Username: brandon1
Password: 5SVwqWHO

Username: princess
Password: 2Cowz1yk

Username: girls
Password: xankundingparisianMercedes

Username: 21122112
Password: oda40batzrasta

Username: stanislav
Password: vmorarspice

Username: diamond1
Password: farbermeurxf2de

Username: pinky1
Password: apagacbins999

Username: rjhjkm
Password: 692962

Username: emma
Password: 9nLBTj4S

Username: catnip
Password: fletcherquitzongolden

Free Game Accounts and Passwords

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