Free MiniMonos Accounts and Passwords

Free MiniMonos Accounts and Passwords

With Free MiniMonos Accounts And Passwords , you can enjoy the MiniMonos game for a long time. MiniMonos game is a virtual world for children aged six and up. Players create a monkey avatar in MiniMonos, socialize with other monkeys and play mini games. The game includes environmental themes and promotes “green” events among both online and offline players. The game is a popular game, especially in England, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, where the game was invented, and among children around the world. Inventor Melissa Clark-Reynolds put forward the idea of ​​an environment-themed virtual world in 2008, based on the lack of perception of such a game. While swimming with her daughter with turtles, one day she realized that her daughter could probably say to her own children, “There used to be a turtle.” This encouraged Clark-Reynolds to create an online space for kids where entertainment is at the forefront, but teaches them the values ​​of looking at the planet. Clark-Reynolds worked with interactive media producer Deborah Todd and game designer Noah Falstein to create MiniMonos. After a beta phase, the site officially opened on April 1, 2011. By June 2012, the site attracted nearly 1 million players and increased more than 1 million capital. MiniMonos launched a real-life playing card system on October 26, 2011. This system put Gold Membership cards in Sainsbury’s stores in the UK. These cards gave the user who acquired and used them the ability to win: 1 month or 6 months of premium membership and 6 months of option to the monkeys came at a discounted price on the card. The cards, together with the membership, give the user special xPowers that they can use in the game. Gold Membership cards were launched in New Zealand and Australia. Melissa Clark Reynolds, the founder of MiniMonos, unfortunately announced that MiniMonos was closed on April 29, 2013. The site was closed on May 12, 2013.

MiniMonos Games

While starting the game, players start by creating monkey avatars for themselves. Players play games in the fun world of MiniMonus. MiniMonos has a wide variety of mini-games that are all about helping the environment, such as garbage recycling, cleaning a lagoon or growing fresh strawberries. Here are the games:

Free MiniMonos Accounts and Passwords:

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Monkey Flight: The first mini game to appear on MiniMonos was “Monkey Flight”. The purpose of the Monkey Flight is to gather wind clouds as an energy source to keep flying. Avoid dark clouds, smoke, and collect clean white clouds to win. If you hit the ground and can’t get up with one of the trampolines, the game is over. The collected wind clouds run a windmill in the player’s treehouse.

RATS: “RATS” stands for “Recycle All That Stuff”. This is a simple game where litter falls from the conveyor belt and players throw it into the appropriate recycle bin using a monkey catapult and avoid the naughty bird. To ensure that garbage lands instantly, you will receive recycled material that you can use to create mini animals on the top of the metal tube Robot mini-swap and trade with each other in MiniMonos.

Monkey Fist: MiniMonos Island is a highly exciting game where users play head-to-head against 10 players. The object of the game is to keep the last monkey standing while expelling other monkeys. Wu Lee creates a pose in each round, and your goal is not to match the pose because you cannot master it. If you manage to be the last remaining monkey, you will proceed through the stages in your armband colors.

Free MiniMonos Accounts

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Free MiniMonos Passwords

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