The Results of the Earth’s Geoit Shape

The Results of the Earth's Geoit Shape

The consequences of the shape of the world Have you ever been interested? Have you ever needed to research this information? Perhaps, you may have even attempted to make a research by saying what the hell could be as a result of your teachers asking this question in your education and training life only. The shape and results of the world it has a very effective and incredible effect on people’s survival today. Besides, when you learn, it does not provide information that will surprise you. The results of the geoit form of the Earth Let’s make a quick transition to the article we have prepared about.

First of all, What is the Shape of the Earth?

The shape of the world is known by many as a sphere. In fact, the world is not exactly a sphere. Although it has similarity to the sphere, it is bulging from the equator and it is flattened from the poles. geoid It has a shape called. It occurs due to the centrifugal force that occurs when the earth rotates around its axis to take the shape of the geoid. The shape of the world has been proved by the photos taken by the satellites sent by mankind to space since the years we can call the second half of the 20th century. Proof of the world being a geoit This image can be shown as.

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The results of the shape of the world in substances listed below.

Form and Results of the Earth

Many people globe of the world Even though he searched and reached the article, he must have learned that as a result of the information we shared in our article, the world is not exactly a sphere and has a shape called geoit. First of all in 3 short items the results of the geoid shape of the world We want to give information about;

  1. The Earth’s polar points are much closer to Earth’s center point when compared to Ecuador and gravity is higher than Ecuador.
  2. In addition, considering the environment of the Equator, it is much wider than that of the poles.
  3. The equator’s radius is longer than the radius of the poles.

So, What are the Consequences of the World Having a Global Shape?

The consequences of globalization of the world;

  1. The angle of sun rays coming to the world becomes smaller,
  2. The rate of retention of sun rays passing through the atmosphere increases,
  3. The shadow lengths of objects increase,
  4. Temperature values ​​drop on the world,
  5. The amount of evaporation in the seas and oceans decreases,
  6. Salinity increases in seas and oceans,
  7. The distance between the meridians decreases,
  8. Parallels have shorter lengths,
  9. Distortion increases on maps,
  10. Tan and group times are longer,
  11. The difference between day and night increases,
  12. The polar star appears only in the northern hemisphere,
  13. Thermal low pressure areas in Ecuador and Thermal high pressure areas are formed at the poles,
  14. The line of enlightenment resembles a circle,
  15. Light and dark hemispheres are formed,
  16. Linear speed decreases,
  17. Permanent snow limit, settlement upper limit and forest upper limit are lowered,
  18. Change in vegetation is observed.
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