How to train non-verbal dogs?

How to train non-verbal dogs?

Dogs are one of the closest friends of the human son. Offering unrequited love and devotion, these friendly animals are creatures that can be tamed and establish warm ties with human friends in their lifetimes. But it is not always right to expect dogs to obey human friends.

In some cases, dogs may not listen and may harm both themselves and their friends. Therefore, there are some points that we should pay attention to our animal friends who do not listen. In this article, you can find information about how to train our dog friends who do not obey or obey.

Violence Never Solves Problems

If you have a dog who does not listen, never try to solve the solution by resorting to violence. Dogs are very emotional and delicate animals. Therefore, trying to train your non-verbal dog through violence can make it even more aggressive and aggressive. It does not deserve any living violence in the world, so you should avoid using violence regardless of the problem and go for positive communication with your dog.

Don’t say “No” all the time

For dogs that do not listen and obey, it is absolutely useless to give a “no” command and tug at the collar. Especially if your dog is a puppy, yelling at him will negatively affect his psychology. Imagine that your dog is a baby and try to teach speech and obedience according to his age.

Focus on Your Dog’s History

If you own an adult dog who does not listen and has obedience problems, you should definitely focus on your dog’s past story. Many dogs are embraced by aid and animal lovers after suffering various traumas. Obedience and speech listening training of dogs that have been abandoned and exposed to various bad situations in the past is also difficult. So you should be patient and kind to your dog, who has had bad traumas in the past. If you give him time and show your love, you will help in vocabulary training.


Reward and Penalty Methods

Of course, it is obvious how dogs love rewards. With the reward method, you can condition your dog to obey your commands. This is quite easy but in some cases it can take a long time. Getting your dog conditioned with the reward method may also be relevant for the dog’s age and breed.

Another method is undoubtedly the punishment method. Since reward and punishment methods are applied together, positive results can always be obtained. When applying the punishment method, be careful not to be brutal. Dogs are living species that can quickly understand human emotions. Therefore, make sure that the punishment you will give to your dog is related to your feelings. For example, don’t talk for a while, don’t play or try not to show your love.

The Dog’s Race Matters

You should also take care of your dog’s breed to train your dog who does not listen. Dog trainings are also conducted according to race and breed. Therefore, it is useful to know your dog’s breed well and to know their character characteristics.

Try to Get Attention

Dogs are very open animals with feelings and perceptions. So make sure you have complete attention while commanding or waiting for your dog to obey you. It is very difficult for the dog, whose attention is elsewhere, to understand and listen to your word. So you can get his attention with the food he likes or the toys he likes, and then you can make him listen to your word.

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No Problem That Time and Tolerance Cannot Solve

It is not always as difficult to anticipate your dog to listen and obey, but in some cases it spreads over time. Therefore, you should definitely show patience while training your dog and accept that it is a very different creature from you.

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