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CS: GO How to Play Danger Zone? After intense interest in the game, we are telling this special mode for those who do not know. We carefully answer the most curious questions. With the increasing popularity of survival games, the famous Online FPS game was included in this trend with CS: GO in dangerous zone mode. He succeeded to be highly appreciated with the special maps, items and gameplay developed with the theme of survival.

Via steam CS: GO With the game being free, millions of new players started playing. But how to play these new players because they don’t know about the dangerous area? They started asking the question. We have researched the subject for you.

Behold Danger zoneIs a high-paced Survival game mode built on the tactical gameplay of CS: GO. In this mode, players will use their intelligence, abilities and resources to survive to the fullest.

Get Down to Blacksite: Enter matches that can hold up to 18 players. Find what you can find, order your need and prepare for the unexpected. Choose your entry point, discover Blacksite and reveal your secrets.

Find equipment and money. Also keep an eye on the sky for special deliveries.

Run or Battle: Check your tablet for intelligence. Take the attack or survive to fight another day.

The key to success of your personal tablet. Track your opponents’ locations, track your orders, and plan your way to avoid the Danger Zone.

  • Each round is different. Identify opportunities in the purchase menu and get superior weapons than your competitors.
  • All conflicts are under control. Use your intelligence to get close to the enemy or back to a safe position.
  • Improve your tablet. Have detailed intelligence of the upcoming Dangerous Zone…
  • With deliveries to competitors…
  • or hunt them by following their movements.
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Delivery UAVs sometimes work on their own, but they always find you outside when you need them the most.

No Time to Lose: Test your skills, make the most of your equipment and take every opportunity.

Explore your surroundings and complete special missions to earn more from your rivals.

  • Safes are full of cash. You don’t have the password, but you can find a C4…
  • Earn extra money by moving the hostages to the rescue area.
  • Contracts give you a chance to earn extra money when it eliminates a high value target.

Old Favorites, New Toys

  • Each match includes pistols, rifles, submachine guns, and heavy weapons from the classic weapons warehouse of CS: GO.
  • Resources are limited. Stick to your first weapon or plan for something with more firepower. Every bullet is important
  • Demonstrate your creativity with demolition bombs, C4s that can be installed anywhere, melee weapons that can be launched, and more.
  • With the help of the health vaccine, recover quickly and go back to war. Earn by managing your health wisely. (The application of the health vaccine temporarily provides a speed boost. It can work while avoiding an attacker.)

Single, Double and Triple

Be hunted or hunted alone or as a manga with one (or two) friends in the Danger Zone.

We are just getting started and we will continue to develop the Danger Zone using community feedback.

Make a souvenir from the Danger Zone: For a limited time, play the Danger Zone with its Distinctive Status and a Souvenir MP5-SD | Get guinea pigs weapon design.

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Danger Zone Case: Includes 17 weapon skins designed by the community and Dawn blades as a rare item.

We will continue to release future updates about the CS GO Danger Zone from here.

How to Play CS GO Danger Zone?

How to Play CS GO Danger Zone? The questions and answers most frequently asked by players about the game are below. You can write your questions as a comment.

How to Play CS GO Danger Zone?
How to Play CS GO Danger Zone?

How many players are there in a match?

If you line up as a solo player, you will enter a 16-player match. If you line up as a two or three player squad, you will enter a game that can reach up to 18 players.

How can I play as Manga?

You can play by joining your friends’ lobbies from the main menu. If you play the Danger Zone as a two or three-player squad, you will be matched against other squads.

How long will the matches last?

Danger Zone matches usually last 10 minutes.

Do weapons act like other CS: GO game modes?

Yes. The weapons of CS: GO have the same behavior and damage values ​​in the Danger Zone as in other CS: GO game modes. However, considering that Danger Zone players may have 120 SP, they can survive conflicts that can be fatal under normal circumstances.

How is TP earned?

In the Danger Zone, you can earn TP by plundering your surroundings, killing your enemies, and doing your best to survive.

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Souvenir MP5-SD | How can I get Guinea Pig Mice?

Souvenir MP5-SD | To earn the Guinea Pig, you must have a Distinguished Situation and earn 250 TP in the Danger Zone. The memory will be available to all players until 09.01.2019.

What is CS GO Danger Zone?


CS GO Danger Zone Gameplay

CS GO Danger Zoneis an official game mode with a graded system and a different structure in itself. Here, players play games prepared with the theme of survival.

Players choose where to jump with a parachute at the start of the match. The places they select occupy a hexagonal place on the map and the two players cannot jump to the same hexagonal boundaries. Weapons, bombs or health vaccines may come out of the supply boxes on the ground that can be opened with a fist or other weapon. The map may contain steel vests and helmets as well as money. There is $ 50 in a single coin roll.

Using the tablet, you can see where other players are and equipment can be purchased. The purchased items are delivered in a box with UAVs. There may also be locked doors and safes on the map. It is necessary to pay some money to open the locked doors.

Safes are locked, but there are explosives next to them, and using these explosives allows the safe to be opened and the coins in it can be collected. At the end of the game, large supply boxes containing powerful weapons descend with a parachute. In addition, missile attacks on the map and bring players closer together Danger zone located.

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